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February 2021

The Three Worst Surrey Neighbourhoods To Invest In A Condo!

Posted on Feb 28, 2021 in Real Estate Tips

It's never bad to invest in Real Estate. HOWEVER, these are the three neighbourhoods that we recommend avoiding currently if you are looking to invest in a rental within the City of Surrey.

That being said: I have made a ton of money with a previous investment property in the area I picked as the number one worst spot to invest today! So again, the...

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The Three Best Surrey Neighbourhoods To Invest In A Condo!

Posted on Feb 24, 2021 in Real Estate Tips

In this video Steve Karrasch picks his three top picks for best neighbourhoods to invest if you are looking to purchase a rental condo.

Don't miss our upcoming video on the three worst locations... coming soon!

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Negotiate Like A Wizard

Posted on Feb 18, 2021 in Real Estate Tips

As real estate agents we often have trouble explaining our value and why we charge "so much". It's easier to get a listing by cutting your commission by one or two thousand dollars that it is to explain why you are worth the money and how you can net your clients more dollars with the final sale price.

In this video is a storey about how I learned...

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The Bubble Is Going To Burst - Explained

Posted on Feb 12, 2021 in Real Estate Tips

I am so sick of hearing that the Real Estate Bubble is going to burst, specifically in the comments on YouTube. In this video is the simple explanation of all those predicting the end of times and what they really mean. 

Simply put, people forecasting the Bubble Bursting are actually trying to put into words their fear of buying at a high and then ha...

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Selling Due To Divorce Just Got A Little Easier

Posted on Feb 08, 2021 in Real Estate Tips

You now have options when facing a marital break up and the sale of your family home. You no longer have to pick one agent to help you sell and worry about your spouse finding out about your plans through and after the sale.

Thanks to the BCREA's new Co-list Separate Representation form, you and your soon to ex can each pick your own agents much li...

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What You Get For The Money - The Surrey Report - February 2021

Posted on Feb 04, 2021 in Market Updates

It's always good to know what your money buys you in todays market. As always we cover Benchmark Pricing for the City of Surrey in this month's Surrey Report in all 3 major categories. However, just for fun, this month we show you examples of actual sales so you can better judge what is what when it comes to today's pricing.

Covered in this months...

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