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October 2018

Know Your Risks #3

Posted on Oct 29, 2018 in Real Estate Tips

Given the current market conditions, we expect foreclosure sales to increase in the coming years. Often, clients approach us looking to get a deal through the process of buying a foreclosure. It’s okay to buy a property through the courts and you might even manage to swing a deal, you just need to know what you are getting into first. In this video...

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October 2018 - Market Update

Posted on Oct 03, 2018 in Market Updates

Prices in Surrey continue the negative slide month over month and for the first time, detached houses have decreased year over year. In this video, Steve Karrasch and Chandani Pooni update you on the current benchmark pricing and also touch on the positives of recent interest rate increases and the negative side of the new rental increase limits re...

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