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September 2022

The Canadian Real Estate Market is Getting GOOD!

Posted on Sep 30, 2022

The Canadian Real Estate market is a bad market right now, right? But what does that mean? What defines a “good” market versus a “bad” market, and aren’t there always opportunities depending on whether you are on the buying or selling end of the real estate transaction?

In this video, Surrey Real Estate specialist Steve Karrasch, breaks down just wh...

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Surrey Real Estate Prices Dropping So Fast!

Posted on Sep 26, 2022

Is the current state of the real estate market as bad as some of the “doom and gloom” headlines in the media like to portray?

In this video, Surrey Realtor Steve Karrasch of Macdonald Realty breaks down the current consumption rate (sales to actives ratio) of real estate in the Fraser Valley real estate board and how historically speaking the curre...

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Canadian Fixed Mortgage Rates JUST Flipped!

Posted on Sep 23, 2022

Are you currently shopping for a mortgage? Or perhaps your current mortgage term is set to expire in the coming year and you are conflicted about what to do upon renewal?

With the current volatility in variable rate interest rates, it is more important than ever to do your due diligence and research when it comes to securing your next mortgage.

In th...

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The Current Condition of the Fraser Valley Real Estate Market

Posted on Sep 19, 2022

What is the Fraser Valley Real Estate Market looking like in September 2022?

In this video, Surrey Real Estate Specialist, Steve Karrasch of Macdonald Realty takes a walk through the most recent FVREB market stats to review months of inventory in some key neighbourhoods to gain a clearer picture in terms of whether the market in each region is now i...

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The WORST Real Estate Investment I Ever Made | LendLord

Posted on Sep 16, 2022

Are you a landlord looking for a better way to manage your real estate investment portfolio? Or perhaps an all in one tool to help you determine if a property is a viable investment to purchase? If you're ready to ditch the spreadsheets and manage your real estate investments in a secure and easy to use app, you need to check out Lendlord.

In this v...

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CONFIRMED! "Government Costs Raise New Home Prices": CMHC

Posted on Sep 12, 2022

Why are new builds so expensive compared to resale properties? Well, a recently released report from CMHC uncovered that government costs and fees make up a significant portion of a new build’s price and in some regions of Canada these costs and fees are higher than a typical builder’s profit on the project.

In this video, Surrey Real Estate specia...

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