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August 2023

Vancouver "Foreign Buyer" Exposed 3 Years After Purchase

Posted on Aug 28, 2023

If you are thinking about trying to find a loop hole in Canada's foreign buyer ban or BC's foreign buyer tax, JUST DON'T!

Recently Surrey real estate specialist and REALTOR® Steve Karrasch or Macdonald Realty caught wind of a Vancouver foreign buyer getting smacked with a $328,000 bill, 3 years after they bought a property. How did they get caught...

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Miserable Canadians FLEE Cities as Housing Affordability gets Worse!

Posted on Aug 21, 2023

Canada is in a serious housing crisis prompting some Canadians to seek out more affordable options elsewhere.

In today’s video, Surrey Real Estate Specialist, Steve Karrasch of Macdonald Realty covers a recent (…or is it?) news story covering just how MISERABLE Canadians are due to the unaffordable high cost of home ownership in the City and provid...

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Canadian House Prices Plummet In Only 30 Days

Posted on Aug 18, 2023

Average Price, Median Price and Home Price Index (HPI), all provide a different picture of what is happening in the real estate market. In July 2023, the average detached home price in Surrey shows a shocking drop of -$100,000, but is that an accurate picture? What do we make of all of this?! Have real estate prices really plummeted within only 30...

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What $1M Buys You In Surrey, BC

Posted on Aug 18, 2023

What can you buy for $1,000,000 in Surrey, BC and across Canada?

In today's video, Surrey Real Estate Specialist, Steve Karrasch of Macdonald Realty provides an overview of two recently sold properties in the City of Surrey (and a bonus property in White Rock) for $1,000,000. We have also provided links below to some of our colleague's YouTube chann...

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Open Bidding Is Coming To Canadian Real Estate

Posted on Aug 11, 2023

Open bidding is coming to the Canadian Real Estate Market, it is just a matter of time. And while I have been pretty vocal on this channel about my dislike of the open auction style system, for many reasons including that I do not believe it will increase affordability and I do not like the infringement on buyer’s privacy when it comes to the speci...

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2023 Surrey Real Estate | Condo Apartment Outlook

Posted on Aug 07, 2023

If you are interested in buying or selling a condo in Surrey, or you live in a condo in Surrey and you’re curious as to what the benchmark valuation of your property might be, you are going to want to watch this video!

In part 4 of this video series, Surrey Real Estate specialist Steve Karrasch of Macdonald Realty breaks down the Surrey Real Estate...

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