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February 2024

Housing Affordability Just Got Worse in BC

Posted on Feb 29, 2024

Could the new 20% home flipping tax in BC (that is meant to increase home affordability over time) actually cause home prices to rise to even more unaffordable levels?

In this video, Surrey REALTOR® Steve Karrasch of Macdonald Realty explains why he thinks this new tax just made housing affordability even worse in the province.

Watch the housing min...

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BC Introduces 20% Flipping Tax 

Posted on Feb 26, 2024

The BC Government has announced yet another new tax to try yet again to solve the housing shortage without adding new supply to the real estate market. At the same time First Time Home Buyers rejoice as FINALLY there is some relief to BC's PTT or Property Transfer Tax up to $835,000.

In this video, Surrey real estate agent Steve Karrasch of Macdona...

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Material Latent Defects in BC Explained

Posted on Feb 21, 2024

Material Latent Defects (MLDs)…what are they and why is it so important to disclose of any and all existing material latent defects within your property at the time of listing.

In today’s video, Surrey Real Estate Specialist, Steve Karrasch of Macdonald Realty explains everything you need to know when it comes to material latent defects when looking...

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Completion, Possession & Adjustment Dates in BC Real Estate

Posted on Feb 14, 2024

The timing of completion, possession and adjustments when it comes to closing on a real estate transaction in Surrey, BC is SO important to eliminate unnecessary stress and potentially a risk of not physically having a home to sleep in!

In today’s video, Surrey Real Estate Specialist, Steve Karrasch of Macdonald Realty walks through what you must co...

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Debunked: Surrey's Real Estate Market Reality Check

Posted on Feb 07, 2024

One of our videos last month suggesting the January market was hotter than expected, received some understandably negative attention in the comments section. Aside from what our team experienced anecdotally, was January 2024 in fact busier than the average January in terms of sales activity?

In this month's Surrey Report, Surrey Real Estate Speciali...

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