Marketing Your Properties, Rather Than Ourselves

Our business is based primarily on repeat clients and their referrals of friends and family. Every year our team conducts over 80% of our business from good old fashion word of mouth. Our goal is to provide you with such an amazing client experience, that you are compelled to join our long list of client advocates and refer us to others in the future. 

Why Sell With Us?

What sets us apart

Every professional REALTOR® should be able to give you a few quick reasons why you should choose them over the competition. In this video, we touch on some of the top points that set us apart from others in the local real estate industry. Oh! And stick around for the last one, it's our favourite. 

Before We Begin

We must discuss agency

Before we are permitted to offer advice or learn private information about you, we must disclose to you the form titled "Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services". When you certify that you understand the form, we can proceed as normal. 

This form is designed to educate the public on the benefits of highering your own representation vs the risks of going at it alone. Discussing this form upfront promotes the highest level of professionalism and that is what we are all about. And no need to worry, it is not a contract.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Read our reviews

Want to know if we are good REALTORS®? Don't take our word for it, go to  and find out what others are saying about us. 

The Power Of Choice

Find the package that fits you

We understand that our clients have different needs and goals. With this in mind, we have created three different marketing packages designed to provide you with the level of service and marketing you desire for your specific situation.  This gives you the ability to choose from our Exposure, Professional or Smart Marketing packages and ultimately gives you full power over how your property is exposed to the market. 

Keep reading to learn more about our marketing packages, rates and each of their specific results.


Essentials For Your Property

This package is designed to give your listing access to the MLS® system and exposed your property to the masses. The Exposure Package provides you with what we consider to be the essentials when listing your property for sale in today's market. 



Better Service, Better Results

This package includes a higher level of service for you and it also employs enhanced listing features designed to attract more buyers. More buyers means more showings and a faster sale at a higher price.



Nothing But The Best

In 2012 our team designed our first ever Smart Marketing Package. Since then, it has evolved into our most popular option due to its innovative features and stellar results. Our Smart Marketing consistently achieves a higher than average selling price over the competition year in and year out.

Professional Photos

Attract more Buyers

Many agents will play photographer and take their own pictures with an amateur point and click camera or even worse, their smartphone. Usually, this is done to save a few bucks as the cost of marketing can get expensive. We know our team is great at selling real estate, negotiating contracts and quickly identifying your next home. We also know that we are not good at photography. This is why we hire professional photographers to shoot high-resolution pictures of your home. The exact number of photos will depend on the size of your property and its features. 

Why We Stage

Because it works

As part of our Professional and Smart Marketing packages, we offer a complimentary consultation with our staging consultant 5-7 days prior to professional photos being taken. Our goal is to work with what you have, to make your home "pop". Staged properties sell for more and help buyer's view your home more objectively. Correctly staged homes sell quicker and for more money, meaning less stress for you. Have a look below at real-life photos of a listing as another agent showed it on the MLS®, and then how we prepared it for a quick and successful sale after the original listing expired. 
Before After
Before After
Before After

Buyer's Agent Incentive

Sell for more

In 2012 we started offering different marketing packages tailored to each of our clients' needs. Our Smart Marketing package is by far our most successful package to date. Our innovative Smart Marketing system with increased Buyer's Agent Incentive has consistently helped our clients sell for an average of 2.5% more than our Professional Marketing package, every year since it was introduced. 

Power Opens

More traffic in less time

We make our open houses more effective than traditional open houses by advertising them for shorter periods of time. This causes a sense of urgency for Buyers to attend your open house over others. Another benefit of the short window of time to view the house is that your home will have more Buyers attending at the same time. This causes your property to look busier than any others for sale in the neighbourhood, even if that is not the case. 

Buyers will feel a greater sense of urgency and this will encourage faster and better offers on your home. 

Virtual 360

Give Buyers a better feel

Photos are often not enough. In today's world of marketing, Buyers want to be able to view your home online before viewing your home in person. To give Buyers a better feel of the layout, design, and flow of your home, we offer 360-degree virtual tours that let the Buyer pan left and right, up and down, through a number of rooms in your home via online virtual tours. The number of virtual tours taken of your home will depend on its size.

Floor Plans

What the Buyers want

After careful analysis of all different types of marketing, we have determined that although HD video and drones look amazing, they are a tool for the listing agent to secure your listing rather than an effective aid to getting your home sold. 

We have identified that a floor plan of your home is what the buyer really wants and one of the strongest tools at our disposal to get buyers in your front door. More showings mean more buyers and a quicker sale. 

Pay It Forward Boxes

Because we know lots of people moving

We keep new and gently used boxes in stock to help make your move easier. When you need boxes for your move, please don't hesitate to ask. Once you are all moved, we love to recycle your old boxes for the use of our next clients, so we will arrange to pop in and pick them up from your new home and "pay it forward". 

Client Events

More than just real estate

We want our relationship with you to be more than just a transaction in real estate. Every year we put on 3 major client events that we would love for you to attend. Each and every one of our events are designed to show you our appreciation for your trust in us. All of our events are also held in benefit of the Surrey Food Bank, our charity of choice. We encourage you to attend our events not only to have a good time but also to donate what you can in support of those in need. 
Our ultimate goal is to transform you into a loyal advocate of our team through providing you with the ultimate level of service not just as a client during your transaction, but as a friend for years to come. 

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