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2021 Real Estate Predictions - The Surrey Report - January 2021

Posted on Jan 06, 2021 in Market Updates

In 2020, four of our five real estate predictions came true. Now that the "year we all stayed home" is behind us, what can we expect to happen in the Canadian, BC and Fraser Valley real estate markets? The truth is that nobody knows for sure... but we can have fun guessing!

In this month's Surrey Report Steve addresses his top predictions for what t...

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Quick & Easy Home Maintenance - The Surrey Report - December 2020

Posted on Dec 03, 2020 in Market Updates

It doesn't matter if you are planning to stay put for 20 years or move in the spring. In this video are some of the easiest home repair and maintenance issues that we often see as deficiencies during a home inspection. By just doing these few simple fixes, you can extend the life of many parts of your home while maintaining its value. And if you ar...

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Subject To Sale - The Surrey Report - November 2020

Posted on Nov 04, 2020 in Market Updates

It's the one condition every buyer wants in their purchase agreement and also the one that no seller wants to accept. This month, Steve and Chandani discuss the dreaded "Subject To Sale". It can be a very polarizing topic for many Agents, Buyers and Sellers. No matter how you feel about it, kick back and enjoy this discussion in order to help you m...

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Debt and Bankruptcy - The Surrey Report - October 2020

Posted on Oct 04, 2020 in Market Updates

Many of us out there are feeling the pressure of high cost of living, big payments and growing debt. In this month's Surrey Report, Steve sits down with Randy West of R. West & Associates to discuss what can be done if you are in over your head financially.

Randy is a licensed insolvency trustee and in this conversations he answers helpful questions...

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What About The Surrey Food Bank? - The Surrey Report - September 2020

Posted on Sep 03, 2020 in Market Updates

Sadly, due to the restrictions in place regarding gatherings over 50 people, our annual Client BBQ benefiting the Surrey Food Bank was put on hold until next summer.

However, even though we cannot get together for a good time, it is still our intention to support our chosen charity, by holding a food drive from September 21st until the 30th.

If you...

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HOW TO: Properly Qualify a Real Estate Agent - The Surrey Report - August 2020

Posted on Aug 06, 2020 in Market Updates

The agent with the signs around my house? The one with the biggest bus bench? The guy offering the lowest commission? How do you know who to hire to get the best results when selling your home?

In this month's Surrey Report Steve and Chandani explain the correct way to qualify candidates when interviewing agents to help with the sale of your home. A...

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