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January 2021

Rents in Surrey - For Investors

Posted on Jan 28, 2021 in Real Estate Tips

Looking at rentals from an investor’s point of view, here is what you can expect from your Surrey rentals in January of 2021.

Basement Suites
1 Bed $1214
2 Bed $1387

1Bed $1419
2Bed $1992

2 Bed $1750
3 Bed  $2341

Upper Floor
3Bed  $2369

The above are monthly rental average costs in Surrey as per rentboard.ca

If you would like to reach out about...

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Buy A Condo Now!

Posted on Jan 27, 2021 in Real Estate Tips

The Vancouver and Fraser Valley Real Estate Markets are on fire in the detached and townhome sectors. This leaves condos ripe for the picking for future growth moving through 2021. These are the top three reasons you should consider buying a condo now!

1. Condos are always the last of three markets to rise in price and the other two categories have...

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The WOW Factor!

Posted on Jan 22, 2021 in Real Estate Tips

The market is on fire in the Fraser Valley… mostly. The Condo market is doing good, but it has its challenges at the same time. In order for your property to sell in a challenging market, it must have a WOW Factor!

If you are concerned that your property doesn’t have a “wow” that the buyers will fall in love with, there is a solution. In this video...

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Land Owner Transparency Act

Posted on Jan 18, 2021 in Real Estate Tips

The LAND OWNER TRANSPARENCY ACT is action to end hidden land ownership or in other words to report interests in ownership in land not reflected on the land title itself.

Starting November 30, 2020 the LOTR or land owner transparency registry came into effect. The registry was developed and will be operated by the land titles and survey authority...

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2021 Real Estate Predictions - The Surrey Report - January 2021

Posted on Jan 06, 2021 in Market Updates

In 2020, four of our five real estate predictions came true. Now that the "year we all stayed home" is behind us, what can we expect to happen in the Canadian, BC and Fraser Valley real estate markets? The truth is that nobody knows for sure... but we can have fun guessing!

In this month's Surrey Report Steve addresses his top predictions for what t...

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