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HOW TO: Properly Qualify a Real Estate Agent - The Surrey Report - August 2020

The agent with the signs around my house? The one with the biggest bus bench? The guy offering the lowest commission? How do you know who to hire to get the best results when selling your home?

In this month's Surrey Report Steve and Chandani explain the correct way to qualify candidates when interviewing agents to help with the sale of your home. Asking these four simple questions in the video will guarantee you will find out which of the agents consistently deliver the best results.

Your agents job is to sell your home as fast as possible, with as little stress as possible and for the most amount of money in your pocket. You might be shocked to find out that picking an area expert or getting a deal on real estate fees could leave less dollars in your pocket at the end of the transaction.

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Benchmark Prices: (Surrey Combined)

Detached = $1,105,900
Townhomes = $586,500
Condos = $404,400

For the complete stats package, please visit http://www.fvreb.bc.ca/stats/