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Home Insurance Crisis? - The Surrey Report - February 2020

Since the end of December, our team has been flooded with calls from clients. Not necessarily people wanting to move, but rather our past clients who have heard alarming news from their home insurance companies about increases in premiums and deductibles. We dove into this topic head first and after speaking with many insurance brokers and professionals, we are now better able to help guide you through these massive changes.

In this month's Surrey Report, Chandani Pooni put together a list of questions for Steve Karrasch to answer, in hopes that you can become better informed as a home-owner in this changing insurance landscape.

If you have any further questions, concerns or insight into this "home insurance crisis", reach out to us by email, or comment on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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Benchmark Prices: (Surrey Combined)

Detached = $1,053,000 / 196 Sales
Townhomes = $561,100 / 149 Sales
Condos = $429,700 / 139 Sales

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