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The Surrey Report - March 2019 - What Can I Afford In Today's Market

Even though inventory continues to rise, most of us in the industry were surprised to see prices in both detached homes and condos turn back upwards. Now only townhouses are continuing on the expected month over month downturn. Overall, this is likely just a bump along the road to a normalizing market.

For March 2019, we are joined by Rowan Smith, of City Wide Mortgage Services, to discuss three different potential situations you might find yourself in when making your next purchase. So if you are just getting into the market, moving up or doing a downsize, there is something for you in this month's Surrey Report. 

Benchmark Prices: (Surrey Combined)

Detached = $1,066,600 ⬆️
Townhomes = $560,900 ⬇️
Condos = $430,900 ⬆️

For the complete stats package, please visit http://www.fvreb.bc.ca/stats/