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The Surrey Report - February 2019 - The Cost of Waiting

In this month's Surrey Report, we invited REALTOR® Darin Germyn to discuss his concept of "The Cost of Waiting", an idea that discovers if it's better to wait to buy or if you would have been better off buying a year ago. We at Chris Whitehead & Associates believe owning a home provides an amazing feeling of pride that everyone should experience. At the same time we know it's a large financial decision and pride or feeling good should not be your only consideration when buying your first place or making a move up.

Benchmark Prices: (Surrey Combined)

? Detached = $1,057,400 ⬇️
? Townhomes = $570,400 ⬇️
? Condos = $428,600 ⬇️

For the complete stats package, please visit http://www.fvreb.bc.ca/stats/