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David Eby's Real Estate Lie to BC Seniors

*** UPDATE ***

It appears that parts of this video in regards to the Residential Tenancy Act are still developing. It is my commitment to do a follow up video soon with sources for clarity because I fear that the tenancy and strata acts may still remain in conflict.

I hope to bring greater clarification to the situation soon and as always, please don't rely on this information for your real estate decisions. Any owner and strata corp should obtain their own independent legal advice.

- Steve


In this video, Surrey REALTOR®, Steve Karrasch of Macdonald Realty provides some further clarification to the BC NDP’s recently implemented legislation that removes rental restrictions from strata owned properties in the province, specifically how this change will pertain to 55+ age restricted communities.

Are you frustrated by the province of BC’s elimination of rental restrictions in strata properties made in the name of increasing rental supply? Or do you see this change as a positive move towards increasing housing availability in the province? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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