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The Problem with the Canadian Real Estate Market in 2022

The Canadian Real Estate Market is in a crisis like we have never seen before. The problem is that house prices are increasing faster than ever and many people are left wondering what is causing this to happen.

In this video, Surrey REALTOR® Steve Karrasch of Macdonald Realty, discusses the current state of the Surrey BC housing market and what is causing the massive prices increases that we have seen over the last few years.

You might be surprised to find out the real cause of the housing shortage and that there is only one solution that could really fix the problem.

If you are looking for help or have any questions regarding real estate in Surrey, B.C. or the Fraser Valley, please reach out below using which ever way is most convenient. We also service real estate sales in Langley, Delta, White Rock, Abbotsford, Mission, and more Greater Vancouver cities.

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