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Covid-19 and Real Estate

Many of our clients are wondering how the recent events of Covid-19 and its impact on the stock market are affecting real estate in the Lower Mainland. Well, the reality is, it has had no effect yet. If anything the drop in interest rates and instability in stocks is causing home prices to rise. The first reason for this is most young families and first-time buyers don't have money in stocks, so they are not affected personally. Second, many more mature people view real estate as a better and more secure investment, so that is where they are putting their money.

We live in interesting times and the state of the market can change at any time. As a result, we vow to keep you updated on any change to the market, hot or cold, up or down. For these updates, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and of course follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Most importantly, please take care of your family and loved ones during what is becoming a stressful time.

- Karrasch Real Properties